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Personalized service for your pet
Outings for older dogsLearn more
If you have an older dog, I ensure that outings are adapted to suit your dog's needs. To enjoy accompanying your pet as long as possible.
Group and solo outingsLearn more
Walks for adult dogs in a group or solo sessions, fitting around your needs and your schedule.
Overnight sittingLearn more
For puppies that aren't yet old enough for long walks Don't worry. Teach your puppy good habits from the start while you’re not there.

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For your pet
  • Your top-quality dog walker
  • + more than 10 years experience
  • Dogs are selected to ensure that your animal is safe

Looking after your furry friend

Happy, healthy and safe !

Take advantage of the convenience of an à la carte service to give your dog regular exercise, to keep a master/dog relationship flourishing and to get out of the stress of walking to rediscover the pleasure of the first walks.

About me


Dog walker since 2008

Jacques is an experienced dog walker who is passionate about the well-being of the dogs that he is has been entrusted with.

Jacques Monnard


Long time customers

We highly recommend Mr. Monnard as a dog walker. He has shown that he has the professional qualities, such as skill, patience and seriousness, which are needed in this job. We also have two dogs that we trust Mr. Monnard with for their walks three mornings a week. They get home very tired after long walks in the forest, so they spend the afternoon very calm in their beds.
Bello and Fea – Jack Russell and Lagotto Romagnolo

Customer 12

Mr. Monnard takes care of Ferox’s daily walks. Ferox always gets back from his walks relaxed and happy. We have found Mr. Monnard to be skilled, competent and have a rational intelligence with Ferox who, as Fox Terriers are famous for, has a very strong character and always looks to push the boundaries. We are delighted with Mr. Monnard’s services and we warmly recommend him.
Ferox – Fox Terrier – 11 years

Customer 11

It’s almost been three years that I’ve entrusted you with Caramel, Mr. Monnard. And Caramel is a happy dog! You always arrive on time, in a happy mood, and you are understanding and warm. And I can also go on holiday with peace of mind, as you gladly look after him. Mr. Monnard, thank you for your kindness and for being available when we need you!
Caramel – Teckel and Jack Russell – 5 years

Customer 10

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