Long time customers

We highly recommend Mr. Monnard as a dog walker. He has shown that he has the professional qualities, such as skill, patience and seriousness, which are needed in this job. We also have two dogs that we trust Mr. Monnard with for their walks three mornings a week. They get home very tired after long walks in the forest, so they spend the afternoon very calm in their beds.
Bello and Fea – Jack Russell and Lagotto Romagnolo

Customer 12

Mr. Monnard takes care of Ferox’s daily walks. Ferox always gets back from his walks relaxed and happy. We have found Mr. Monnard to be skilled, competent and have a rational intelligence with Ferox who, as Fox Terriers are famous for, has a very strong character and always looks to push the boundaries. We are delighted with Mr. Monnard’s services and we warmly recommend him.
Ferox – Fox Terrier – 11 years

Customer 11

It’s almost been three years that I’ve entrusted you with Caramel, Mr. Monnard. And Caramel is a happy dog! You always arrive on time, in a happy mood, and you are understanding and warm. And I can also go on holiday with peace of mind, as you gladly look after him. Mr. Monnard, thank you for your kindness and for being available when we need you!
Caramel – Teckel and Jack Russell – 5 years

Customer 10

Jacques is very professional, flexible and always ensures the well-being of the dogs. Our dog is always excited to go for walks with his friends!
Marmite – Labrador – 5 years

Customer 9

Thank you for the great walks, Croco always comes back very happy and more obedient than before!
Croco – Flat-Coated Retriever – 7 years

Customer 8

Mr. Monnard, a canine trainer, is also the best dog walker! Always even-tempered, so kind but also firm, he really has the right attitude to deal with our pooches! He is also extremely reliable: we can really count on him!
Nemo – Bichon Havanese/Coton de Tulear – 5 years

Customer 7

We have a small pack of 3 dogs which were very difficult to train, and therefore walk. Each time we went out with them it turned into a test of strength, and was sometimes even a nightmare. Since you started walking them twice a week, we have seen their behaviour change, not only with other dogs but also with us. They listen to our commands more and are also more obedient. I now take them for walks for the pleasure of it, and not just because I have to. I would like to say a massive thank you to you because as well as quality walks, we have seen our dogs become how we dreamt they would be… Sociable, playful and, above all, obedient. Thank you also for your professionalism, your patience and your perseverance. Without your help, I don’t know how things would have turned out.
Laïka, Innka, Ayko – Malamutes – 5 years et 3 years

Customer 6

Is a dog that’s always excited to see Mr. Monnard and never gets tired of walks with him not the one of the greatest compliments? We must also add that Mr. Monnard arrives on time, and is professional and very friendly, so we highly recommend his services and must also thank him.
Georgie – Bernese Mountain Dog/Labrador – 8 years

Customer 5

It’s been almost 4 years that we’ve been customers at EducPassion. Our dog, Wolf, is able to go for long walks every day. Also, socialising with other dogs on a daily basis has also improved his behaviour in general (obedience, recall, and social interaction). We’re very satisfied with Jacques Monnard’s services, professionalism, discretion and reliability. We highly recommend him!
Wolf – Border Collie cross – 11 years

Customer 4

To all you happy dog owners, It’s with great pleasure that I recommend Jacques Monnard as a dog walker.

Customer 1

He has walked Djambo twice a week for three years, and it is truly a joy for Djambo.
Jacques Monnard always arrives on time, happy, and ready to take Djambo for beautiful and long walks.
Djambo loves it! And he is always excited to spend more time with him.
Entrusting your dog to Jacques Monnard means that you will be the owner of alucky dog and you won’t regret it.
Djambo – Standard Schnauzer – 10 years
For personal reasons, we had to quickly find a qualified dog walker. Mr. Monnard responded immediately and we are happy with how he looks after our pets. That’s why we have continued to trust him. Even though we don’t absolutely need his services any more, our dogs are so happy to see him and they jump straight into his vehicle to go for a walk with him so he regularly continues to do so. Even the smallest one has been able to go for a walk with him. Mr. Monnard is always available to help out. He is punctual and can even take our Appenzellers when we’re not there with no problem at all. He has also never had a problem with them. We highly recommend him and thank him for his work. Our 4 Appenzellers send him a big lick hello.
Djinn, Xylene, Dolmen, Damini – Appenzellers – 13, 8 and 6 years, and 7 months

Customer 2

Mr. Monnard has looked after our 3 dogs once a week for several years. He handles them in an excellent way and they are always excited to go with him. We highly recommend him.
Hexe, Tomtom, Billie – Cairn Terrier – 10 years, 11 years, 9 years

Customer 3

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