You’re looking for someone who is trustworthy to walk him, and with the following possibilities:
collecting your dog from your home, taking him for a walk, and then dropping him off again afterwards; various lengths of walks depending on the age of the dog (they usually last 1 hour 20 minutes, but differ for puppies and older dogs); a special rate for a second dog, and free for a third; dogs let off their leads during walks as long as they come back when called and are sociable towards people and other animals; dogs kept on leads if it is thought that they are likely to run away; afternoon outings also a possibility.
Dog walker since 2008
Holds a Canine Instructor Diploma (DIC)
Authorised by the Confederation to give theory classes for new dog owners
Certified by the Woodenpark Centre for Canine Training and Behaviour (le centre Woodenpark pour l’éducation canine et le comportement du chien)
Happy owner : of two dogs, a Golden Retriever, born in 2000, and a Coton de Tuléar, born in 2006